Monday, July 10, 2017

324 Megapixels

Last weekend was a good and bad weekend for me.

Good because I got to spent times with friends whom I rarely seen or talked to and also with my sisters and BIL.

Bad because I've spent over my budget. *sucks being a student*

On Friday late morning my friends and I went for some breaklunch (at least for me) outside campus. It all started when this one friend, Syi, a fan of steamboat, wanted to try Seoul Garden at KL Fest with another friend, Mun.

Syi have been lots to steamboat restaurants before, and I believe she invited me to all of the events, but I happen to declined them all except for last Friday when she asked me to join her on Thursday.

So I said yes, partly because I've never eat out with her but once before during foundation, and partly I rarely eat steamboat. Once in a while won't hurt right?

Plus, I was planning to stay at my sis's house at Putrajaya, so I might as well spend the whole day outside, getting fresh, and clear up mind (and pockets).

Woke up late. Was frantic packing things. And thank God Syi and Mun was patience with me. I thought they were gonna left me that morning.

So at Seoul Garden, we had to pay RM35 each, and that's at stundet's price. We have to show our matric cards of course to give some proves. Oh, and that price is for lunch.

Ok, I know everyone have been to Seoul Garden and know that its pay per entrance and rows of buffet will flash at you. But I didn't. So I was pretty blur at first and what to do, what do I eat, what's this? is that clamps? wait it says COFFEE MEAT??? -could never eat that.

So yeah, we had our time there, pretty much spent 2 total hours just for eating, we ate the tomyum soup, grilled so much things, then ice cream and salads, it just never ends until our stomachs about to explode!

The tomyum is an o.k . The rest is, not good on my taste buds.

After we had our lunch, we spent some time a bit for shopping and handbags (WOOOT WOOOT) before we seperated for campus for them and Putrajaya for me. But we shared Grabcar till LRT Station. hihi.

Am actually glad they asked me out.

Then I went for my sis's, and it was actually late, I promised my sis to be at Putrajaya Sentral at 6pm, but I was late. Again. Then we thought I'd catch up the 1813 train from KL Sentral, but with me lining up at Chatime for her, and ran for ticket when they announced 2mins left for departure, I was flying down the stairs to the train, and THE DOORS CLOSED RIGHT ON MY FACE!

I was late by 3 seconds OMG! I pushed the button for the door to open but it didn't, instead the train pull in it's foot steps. I was so devastated with Pearl Milk Tea in hand but hide it inside in case the commuters were having a good day watching at my evening drama.

So had to wait for another 15mins and successfully gotten the train. With not-so-cold-anymore Pearl Milk Tea.

BUT it's okay! I don't really care about that, as long as my sis is picking me up and I'm gonna have the whole weekend with my family, YEAY!

Another is that I never forget that I am in love with her house. She and the husband bought it not long ago, so it was pretty new, and they managed to design it so well! However the most important thing is, THE VIEW!

Look at how beautiful the sunset! Seeing all this have reminded me on how powerful, and beautiful God is! Look at this God's creation! The sky has the perfect colour mix!

It's calming.

And not to forget these creations.

She was having ANTM's vibe right here, but totally failed. And I was just ruining the pic XD

Look alike, or nothing's alike?

However the pictures were taken with my Samsung J5, the camera is totally not the best. The pictures turn out different from what I see.

And do you know why? We, humans have 324 Megapixels, in comparison to my 16 megapixels camera at most.

Alhamdulillah for His greatest creation.

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