Sunday, July 30, 2017

Feed 2017

Salam 'alayk and heyya guys!

Currently it's past midnight and I've just done with my portion of group assignment.

Today since early morning after subh, I've been busy preparing for my sister's guests, the house, the food, yeah particularly the food. So many things to do, even with pre-prep some food like curry and masak merah. But even then, we barely caught up with time setting things and getting ourselves prepared (my sister especially!)

Later, alhamdulillah we managed to did it all. Nasi tomato and 2 dishes, acar timun, puddings, even some food that the guests were so generous to bring.

Guests do bring rezeki to us.

Aside from all that hussle and clothes reek of stir fry, I ate so much from today's eating session. The ayam masak merah was so good, that the moment I got it tasted on my tongue is the time I realised how much I've missed ayam masak merah. (am so tired of cafes food that i bought the same thing everyday).

Then the desserts! Cakes, brownies, and puddings! Too much sweetness that I got a bit worried seeing how the kids stuffed themselves with sugar. But its okay, (thank God!), everything was under control. XD

Anyway, long story shorten, I've ate so much, my stomach was about to burst and I feel like I could vomit if I jump up and down like the kids (how they can eat so much and still active? wait they didn't, really eat).

So, in order to empty some space in my stomach for dinner later, I rode on exercise bicycle after the guests have gone home. I exercised until it reached 10 km, only then I felt much better with my stomach. Goodness eating too much won't do any good (except for the satisfaction!)

Thennn after dinner cleaning and all, in the night, after we all got bored of Pahang vs NSE on tv9, my BIL gave me permission to take in charge of the screen. Oh well, but I didn't know what to watch.

But then there's this one movie caught my attention. Feed (2017). A bit creepy, and also a bit educating (I think?)

It's about a pair of twins. A girl and a boy. Both are living a good life, doing good at school, high achievers and all. And most importantly they shared almost everything, like schedules, friends, and dreams.

But it all came to stop when something happened, and it has affected so much to the girl, Olivia (Troian Bellisario). From a valedictorian, her grades fluctuated and dropped hard. She had hard time coping daily lives. She started hearing, seeing things.

That's just not it. The situation has worsen that it has transformed her to an aneroxic. This is where I think it's educating. Because the story shows that people have aneroxia not solely due to their desire to be 'beautiful' and 'slim'. It can be because of psychological problem. Something that they experienced, but others can't seem to detect it.

I've always thought that people who are aneroxic are those that are obsessed with being 'slim', and hatred towards fat. But no! Trauma can also cause this disease.

Wait! I'm sure you guys know what's aneroxia right? -it's an eating disorder.

So, since I've learned something new, from other perspective from this story, though it's a bit creepy, I'd give this movie a 4-star.

-it got a good storyline
-creative and soulful!
-opens up minds on aneroxia nervosa

I won't tell more details on this movie. You gotta watch this on your own and experience Olivia's sufferings!

(btw, it's the Malfoy acted as the male twin!)

Eat well guys!

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