Tuesday, August 1, 2017

First Handbag Approved!

Salam 'alayk guys!

Remember in one of my previous post I mentioned on going out with my friends and had some shopping and I bought a handbag that day???

So now it's almost a month of that purchase and I'm super excited to give insights of what this bag has brings me!

Ok first of all, on that lucky day I did not plan on buying a handbag, what more a branded one at that. But the bag came upon me (HAHAHA)

We were just strolling around Parkson at KL Fest just looking at shoes and handbags. To be honest, there were lots of handbags that caught my eyes, but the thing is my eyes only know golds and diamonds, not iron and glass. So everytime I see something flashy (including the price tag, soooo flashy it blinded my eyes) I'd just went past it with broken heart. *drama

Thennn, my friends and I found this section where they put simple shoulder-bags on display. Like seriously so simple but gorgeous as well. At first we were just looking at it, then we touch it, after that we modeled it. Gosh see how shopping works for ladies, guys?

But not to forget we also looked at the price tags, and voila! It's less than 60 bucks, guys! I mean, actually that's the thing that attract us to the bags, the price they hung at the bags. Goodness what a way to trick ladies.

I got super excited. I mean, I like it, it's cheap, you think it's easy to get those combo???

As excited as I am, I tried to transfer my hype to Mun, had to persuade her to spend her money so I won't be alone. HAHAHA what a good friend I am.

So after all the hassle of choosing designs and colour, Mun and I got ourselves one each. A handbag. Which is of course suitable for us students to bring to class. That's my specification for the bag I chose.

Brand: F.Timber


Presenting to you guys my own first branded handbag and a bag overall that's bought with my own money!!!

My precious bag after I got back from my sister's house

Side pockets for water bottles. Totally convenient.

Two pockets at front, left for my matric card and TnG, right for my tissues
Hidden zip above the front two pockets, I use this to put my ruler, earphone, and book-tags.
Front view. It looks like this because of the heavy content. Huh
Side view. I just love how they designed the pockets at sides for bottles, it's so easy to reach it and keep it, especially while transporting in trains.
Inside after coming back from sis's: purse, umbrella, pencil case, makeup case, laptop, book and file for study (I pack my laptop here because my backpack was already too pack and heavy)
A pocket-zip inside: my easy-to-access makeup. There are another two pockets on the other inner side, but I don't use them because it do not have zip.
Huge pocket-with-zip at the back side. I put my girl's necessities in here


So cool right! This bag has so many pockets of sizes, so it's easy for me to organize my things for travel (or just class). Plus, the things on the inside don't get mess-up after hours of walk, they just stay put without the book of file getting crumples or my smaller things like purse and pencil box goes scatter. It just fits, and works well.

Me super love!

Plusplusplus! When I first showed (or just casually flash this handbag) in front of my sisters, they totally like it and approve it! With colour and design like that, and not to forget the super cheap price, how can they not fall in love too!!!

The most shocking thing is that my MOM likes and adores it too!!!

She just noticed this new bag the moment I got back home and cooed "Oooo new handbag I see," .
I was a bit panic since new bag means I spent too much money, but when I see she wasn't mad, I said that I just bought it from Parkson at RM59.

WOW. and she kept on digging on where and how's the other designs. She was totally smitten with the beg, first because it's simple, and super nice red, and of course the so-many-compartments. 

I swear guys, if you ever plan on buying handbags for your girl, buy the one with lotsa compartments.

Ok continue back on my mom, she commented that how convenient this is, and she even started imagining if she could have this bag, a bit smaller (yes they have it, and pretty too), to bring for umrah and hajj.

A woman can dream, and achieve it!

THEREFORE, seeing how all the ladies in my family approved my choice of handbag, especially when this is my first bought handbag (a branded one at that) with my own money, I just couldn't help feel so proud.


Goodness now I can see how money can bring happiness.

Spend money well guys and make your own happiness!

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