Thursday, July 12, 2018

Short semester

Salam 'alayk guys!

Right now I'm in my second week of my 2nd short semester, and I have to say so far it's going great except for my time management *coughcough.

I registered tahfiz and Arabic for Occupational Purposes for this short semester. Tahfiz is not really like the generally tahfiz, I just have to memorize the first juz of the Quran, so every class is basically tasmi' session. Alhamdulillah I managed to catch up so far, mayeb because I've prepared earlier and memorized 4 pages before class starts.

Meanwhile for Arabic for Occupational Purposes (AOP), it's an alright I guess. Even though my Arabic isn't my strongest, but I think I'll survive and improve.

But the thing is... I just know that I CAN CHOOSE between AOP or EAP (English version of AOP). And I just heard that theday before yesterda. I was like what??!!!

I should've know that earlier!

But maybe God knows best. I mean I did intend to improve my Arabic skills during this short semester. I want to be at least fluent in speaking before I graduate. So I have to work for it, and maybe AOP is one of the ways I can improve myself.

And maybe I'll get the chance to work in Dubai later on. hohohoo

Other than that (the classes), on the first Thursday morning (like early morning the day wasn't warm yet) BroSyarief called me. Which was rare. He called to invite me to his 8am session, reading shortstories in arabic language.

So after I intended to improve my 3rd language skills, of course that's like a fish to cat to me! So I agreed. But it started 8am that day. And I was frantic, I had like 50 mins top to get ready, I haven't even had breakfast yet! ...and so I rushed to get ready and skipped breakfast and managed to grab a water bottle along the way. huhu

Which means, I have 8 am classes/sessions every morning aside Friday! As joyful as that sound, 8 am class isn't what I fond of. I loathe 0830 class, what more an 8 sharp every day?!

But I guess I'll survive. I can do this!

So that's it for my short semester. I hope I'll continue to be greaaaaat and have great days everyday and manage my time properly and make notes! and also to make use of my youthful days.

Hence I'm going hiking tomorrow with Hz which I am so excited about! Can't wait!

Have a nice day guys!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Being Mak-mak and Owning A Home

Salam 'alayk guys! And good morning!

So last Friday I went out with my friend Hz (you can pronounce it as Hertz lol) to IOI Putrajaya. Initially we were supposed to go for hiking that evening at Bukit Gasing, PJ, but me being a sucker for nasi lemak, I persuaded her to postponed the hiking and continue with casual hangout, so that I can succumb myself to nasi lemak at my sister's. LOL!

She picked me up around 11 am, then we went straight for breaklunch at Seoul Garden. Honestly, I don't think Seoul Garden is my thing (even though I was the one proposed for Korean food). Because I can't eat those grilled food without nasi, but if I eat them with nasi, my stomach can't fit with more food! BECAUSE SEOUL GARDEN IS ALL ABOUT STUFFING YOUR STOMACH WITH LOTSA FOOD!

But I found the great soup that suits my taste. I think it's Tomyam Kimchi Stew, it doesn't taste like kimchi at all, but almost like general tomyam at tomyam restaurants. Even Hz agreed that the usual Seoul Garder Tomyam soup doesn't taste much, like it consists of too much spices I think.

Then after ending our luncheon with ice cream, we went round the floor just to walk and calm our almost-bursting stomach, and end up in Harvey Norman. and guesswhat? We didn't only cuci mata at gadgets corner, but also to the rest of the store!

We looked at washing machines. getting awe at the very modern and almost robotic like machines (they were so cool! and also creepy), then choosing what would be our pick, then dreaming of being rich. Then we went to the refridgerator section, and the cycle goes on.

The refrigerator section was where we spent most our time on in Harvey Norman. Those fridges have all kind of characrteristics and the interiors! Most of the time we look at which fridge has the coolest door... Then continue dreaming of being millionaires.

We can only dream.

But really I swear if I own a house and have kachingkaching I'd go and look for the best machines/items/furniture in creating my home. I have my visions on how I want my home to be, well almost English-like. Plus I really enjoyed looking at Keknis' and her mom's ig account, just to look at how they decorated their homes.

I'm really starting to feel like mak-mak you know. But without kids, and obviously without husband. Also a house. Huhu

Afterwards we just went cuci mata at Daiso (a must-stop-by), ToysRUs (and lost my Rebbit's ears *sobs*), Yubiso and bought a scented candle that doesn't smell very much, anddd mostly to satisfy my purse. Poor Hz that doesn't enjoy makeup had to bear with me shopping and cuci mata at makeup stores.

Then we ended our outing and she sent me back to my sister's around 5 pm because she needed to pick up her grandfather after that.

Now eventhough I don't think I spent much that day except on food, I hope that I won't splurge this Friday and just concentrate on hiking.

Yeay Hiking!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Calling names and labels

Salam guys!

I've been wanting to vent out about this issue for months now, but only now I have the time and motivation.

Post GE14, I noticed a lot of unpleasant names and callings being made to some politicians, and I don't get why people would do that because that is just unethical and absolutely rude.

Even more, these brainless people have slandered some individuals with labels that I am pretty sure they themselves don't know what it means, such as liberal.

Like hello you called Dr. Maszlee as liberal but have you ever flip the dictionary or read articles about what it is all about???

I get it these people are not in the same boat with the victims of their callings, but that doesn't give them the green light to keep on insult people publicly. Have they realised that they just showed how shallow and fact-less they are? Reading comments and tweets on social media really portrayed what kind of people dominating the virtual of Malaysia.

Imagine the adults been advising kids to behave and be polite to others and their friends, and that calling names are sinful, has been doing the same thing on keyboards. How hypocrite!

Well, not only post GE14. But also towards celebrities and famous individuals! This kind of attitude has got me wonder that the doers must be a vengeful and full of negativity kind of person. THe kind of person that we should avoid.

Has they got a better thing to do? Is it so pleasant and wonderful to call names and do slanders? are their life that grande and perfect that they have the audacity to insult people?

I have no idea. Because apparently my brain cannot brain this kind of people.

Monday, February 26, 2018

A miniscule step into adulthood, with Headache!

Salam'alayk guys!

It's the 4th week of the semester, and here I am today in misery thinking of my internship.

Courtesy of Mr. Ever Generous Google

There are so many things to do! I have to look for possible placement, study them, then work on my CV and resume (I'm gonna die for this! I barely have anything to fit into my CV!), and on top of that I DO want to intern at big GLC or MNC company that can benefit me in so many ways so I can prep myself for the after-graduation world!!!


I'm not sure if I'm the only one who get headache and worrisome over internship. Because I do have some expectations and targets for my future career. One thing important is I don't want to work at some jabatan agama Islam.

But whatever about all that, now how am I going to build my resume and CV and make them appealing and yummy to my targeted future employers?

I've searched for some tips regarding CV, and I believe it is during this golden period of studies I can expand my expertise and knowledge with ease (or at lesser price). Some of the tips are to go for workshops, outside classes (like IIUM SMART offers Academic Literature Review class, or SPSS at cheaper price for students), or even signing up for online classes (there are loads of them for free!).

ALSO it is suggested for me to join any extra-curricular activities (which I was good at only during CFS and highschool) or get myself a leadership title with huge burden on my shoudlers. Hah. Honestly I've stopped joining any lineup or organising committee (I used to enjoy being one) because I feel it'd be tiresome to have night meetings at the center of the campus, and to rush for dues while studying for classes and assignments. I just need to concentrate on my studies (which starting to unsink from the deep sea).

And... lastly to totally benefit the internship with softskills and so on. When the purpose of me doing my CV for internship. *sigh.

Any idea guys? I reaaaally want to intern at big company so I can learn more on how an organisation operate at organise manner when the business is from east to the west. And also so I can work on my career plan.

Still working on it. working on it. .. ...

and I know my 2018 resolution is to write twice within a week. I'm so good at bluffing.

...Chayyok Kemy!

p/s: took the CV tips from The Guardian

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pandangan Terhadap Tarbiah Sentap

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera!

Tarbiah Sentap di sini bukanlah sejenis cara mentarbiah orang dengan kasar dan sinis, tetapi Tarbiah Sentap yang akan diulaskan adalah penerbitan Tarbiah Sentap, buku-buku Tarbiah Sentap yang diterajui oleh Ustaz Adnin Roslan.

 Saya mula mengenali tentang Tarbiah Sentap pada awal-awal tahun pengajian asasi di PJ, status-status Tarbiah Sentap di Facebook kerap dikongsikan oleh rakan-rakan kerana isinya yang begitu jelas dan terang tanpa berdalih. Kemudian, saya juga ada baca blog Tarbiah Sentap, atas dasar ingin tahu, dan rasa ingin membaca, sebab kenapa tidak?

Tarbiah Sentap tidaklah mengutuk atau menghentam individu-individu atau organisasi secara spesifik, bagi saya mereka hanyalah menyebutkan apa yang sedang berlaku pada zaman penuh hiburan ini, dan menghuraikan hukum-hukumnya dalam Islam sama ada ianya harus, sunat, wajib, makruh ataupun haram.

Sejujurnya saya suka membaca tulisan-tulisan Tarbiah Sentap sebab ianya sangat jelas dan tidak berlapik dengan kata-kata manis. Tarbiah Sentap tidak cuba menghalalkan apa yang haram, sebaliknya teguh dengan ajaran Islam dengan setegasnya.

Untuk sebilangan orang, mungkin cara ini sedikit ekstrem. Kalau diikutkan apa yang dianjurkan oleh Tarbiah Sentap, begitu banyak sekali amalan harina kita hari ini (termasuk saya juga) yang boleh mendorong kita ke arah keburukkan, atau bahasa 'buku-agama': ke lembah kehinaan.

Saya yakin itulah sebabnya mereka namakan penerbitan dan buku-buku mereka Tarbiah Sentap. Kerana isinya begitu jujur dan telus mengenai keadaan Islam zaman kini, yang membuatkan ramai yang tersentap dan terasa sendiri kerana sedarnya betapa sasarnya mereka dari jalan yang sepatutnya.

Tiga siri buku Tarbiah Sentap, dan 2 buku lain terbitan Tarbiah Sentap saya miliki dan baca.

Dari Kiri: Tarbiah Sentap 3, Tarbiah Sentap 2, Tarbiah Sentap, Momento, Kerna Syurga Bukan Percuma

WALAUBAGAIMANAPUN betapa bagus usaha-usaha penerbitan Tarbiah Sentap ini, begitu ramai yang saya jumpa meluahkan rasa bahawa Tarbiah Sentap ini penuh dengna negativiti.

Kata mereka, Nabi saw tidak menganjurkan tarbiah atau didikan secara sentap, berdakwah haruslah berhikmah, tarbiah secara kasar hanya akan membawa umat Islam menjauh dari Islam.

Saya rasa begitu banyak persoalan tentang pandangan-pandangan mereka mengenai Tarbiah Sentap ini.

Pertama, pernahkah mereka membaca tulisan-tulisan, hasil dan buku-buku Tarbiah Sentap?
Kedua, tahukan mereka apa maksud berdakwah secara berhikmah?
Ketiga, mereka menafikan Tarbiah Sentap atau mereka menyedapkan hati sendiri?

Siri buku Tarbiah Sentap

Persoalan-persoalan ini timbul difikiran kerana tidaklah bacaan saya tulisan Tarbiah Sentap ini kasar dan sinis dalam berdakwah atau menegur. Bagi saya, Tarbiah Sentap hanyalah direct to the point dalam menyampaikan dakwah mereka, yang juga mengikut Al-Quran dan Sunnah. Segala isi kandungan Tarbiah Sentap begitu rapat kaitannya dengan masalah sosial di kalangan remaja kini, dan inilah antara usaha mereka untuk membantu masyarakat berubah ke arah yang lebih baik.

Mengenangkan hal ini, sejujurnya saya rasa mereka-mereka yang menafikan Tarbiah Sentap ini, hanyalah kerana mereka mendengar Tarbiah Sentap dan terus membayangkan dakwah-dakwah yang penuh sinis dan cercaan tanpa membaca isi-isinya, ataupun mereka dalam self-denial kerana begitu banyak isi yang dikemukakan dalam tulisan Tarbiah Sentap kena padanya.

Ini adalah tulisan di belakang setiap siri buku Tarbiah Sentap, Untuk Siapakah Buku Tarbiah Sentap Ini.

Pada pendapat saya, Tarbiah Sentap hanyalah ingin menyedarkan Umat Islam, terutamanya dalam kalangan remaja bahawa hidup ini tak selamanya, dan hidup di dunia ini adalah ujian. Sesungguhnya kita bernafas dengan izin Allah, dan kita bernafas juga untuk Allah. 

Untuk mereka-mereka yang menafikan tulisan-tulisan Tarbiah Sentap dengan alasan tarbiah yang sentap itu tidak bermanfaat, pergilah lihat akaun Twitter Iblis Terlaknat dan bagaimana akaun tersebut berdakwah secara sinis dan sentap. Dan lihat juga jumlah followers dan retweets.

Mereka-mereka yang menafikan Tarbiah Sentap tidak dapat menerima hakikat tentang kebenaran yang terdapat dalam tulisan-tulisan Tarbiah Sentap. 

Akaun Twitter Iblis Terlaknat tidaklah salah bagi saya, malah akaun tersebut sebenarnya juga berusaha untuk berdakwah dengan caranya tersendiri. Mungkin orang suka kerana bahasanya yang 'muda', jika dibandingkan 'buku-agama' Tarbiah Sentap.

Sekian, pendapat dan pandangan saya berkenaan Tarbiah Sentap.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

WELCOME 2018! New Year New Self, eh really?

Salam and hey guys!

Hope it's not too late to make a welcome post on refreshing 2018!

It's refreshing because I think it's been quite a ride on 2017 globally; the Trump issues (he's made A LOT), Jerusalem and Al-Quds Masjid, and to go particular in Malaysia people have been so anxious about incoming General Election which could come in anytime by now (a gently reminder for you guys to register as voter if you haven't!). Then some gossips on certain celebrities, news on death of SHInee Jonghyun and the issue came after within Muslims. In general, I can say that maybe to some people 2017 has been bad for them.

So hence the refreshing 2018! People have many expectations on incoming days and months, new year marks new events and focus!

Let's hope that most of us can focus on positive and brighter things this year!

Talking about welcoming new year, on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook the hashtag #NewYear has been trending since 30th Disember, alongside captions "New year new self", "Time to open new book", or of some sorts.

I generally don't really celebrate the event of New Year. It's just a normal day for me, maybe some reminder that it's 2018 now and not 2017 because I often wrote past year for dates, and that is embarassing. huhu

But somehow this time I wanted to make a different; making some resolutions and goals for 2018. I've entered 21 of age, and I think it's best if I make some notes on what I should change or whether I've improved as I aged. It's more on self-reflection really.

So these are my resolutions that I've chosen for 2018 (so I can keep up with them).

3.     WAKE UP AT 6AM


It's not much, I know. There's only two for my studies, and the rest are more to self-organizing and spiritual matter. I believe that if I could improve on my daily schedules, eliminate procrastinating, my studies will improve too!

(OH and see that no. 15? Once two weeks isn't much to people but knowing myself... Better starts slow!)

I even wrote it up on my bujo so I can keep track of them on my daily routines! (or monthly).

However, even though I got myself 20 goals and resolutions to improve myself throughout the year, I wouldn't use the phrase "new year new self". Stepping into 2018 doesn't mean I've become a new person. I may shed some negativity and tried to be in new perspectives, but that is not me transforming into a new person.

People don't change overnight. It's difficult if they want to. In this new year, I am still myself, I am still with my personality, but better. I am proud of what I have become, and I will change what I am not proud of.

Not just that, I'm not approve of using "time to open new book", because that means I'm going to close 2017 and shut it behind. If I put my past behind my sights, I won't be able to see what I've done, what I've achieved in the past year. I can't learn from my past mistakes, and see what I should change. 

I don't know about other people, but I just don't agree on being a new person on new year or any other day and putting our pasts behind. It's not that I like to drag on and think of the past, it's about what I can learn from it, make new things with it.

Either way, I've given you guys my thoughts on celebrating new year and 20-New-Year-Resolutions!

May we all achieve our goals this year and be a better self for ourselves and people surrounding!

p/s: It's never late to start, or to change! New year is just a date, you can start anytime you want to, but it's best to be soon!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lessons from Kimi Ni Todoke (both manga and anime)

Salam 'alayk guys! And good morning too!

So as I have promised, I will talk/discuss/type on further about one of my favourite anime/manga ever, Kimi Ni Todoke! (although it's been a month already).

I'm sure everyone who likes anime and manga have heard of this title and even watched them, the anime and live action movie! The live action movie is just so cute and adorable, I love the actress that portrays Kuronuma.

So cute.

Ok ok. Back to topic. I first watched the anime, then read the manga (because I couldn't get over how cute Kuronuma*Kazehaya). Therefore I'll start with what I've learnt from the anime, then from manga, because the manga is still ongoing and has extended until their 3rd year of high school (the story starts from freshman year).

First of all, I don't know if I'm the only who feels this, but from the anime I can assume that the Japanese are so expressive with their feelings..?? Like they will just say out loud what's been on their mind, with honesty, and I think that is really cool. It seems like they prefer to have the other party to understand how they have been feelings, or it's just Kuronuma.. hahaha

Second, Kuronuma is such a tidy and optimistic girl! Can I borrow her optimism for the rest of my life??!!!

Third, honestly there's not much that I took lesson of from the anime.

What really impacted on is the manga.

Only one point.

It is how the classroom teacher, actually told the students to think of what they wanted to do after high school when they were only junior in highschool. They still have 2 more years until graduation, but they have been pushed to think of their future, of what they wanted to do, whether they want to stay and help with family business, or further studies in universities, and if they choose the latter one they would have to think on their preferred profession, WITH THE GUIDE OF THE TEACHER!

You see, in Japan, they teach the students to plan their future. They teach the students to find what they want to do, and help them to pursue it. They are trying to fully utilize their human resource by not wasting every talent and interest the students have!

Meanwhile in Malaysia, at least when I was still in school, people just asked "what's your ambition?", "what you wanted to do in the future?" just to fulfill the introduction requirement for ice breaking. No going further than whats-your-ambition.

Back then there were lots of typical answers: teachers, policemen, pilot, doctors. Even one time I opened Biology textbook to look for an answer, and I picked virologist. (Hey, I did get A for my Bio!). Students were encouraged to have doctor or engineer as their ambition, but were never guided on how to reach them. Oh wait, they did! "If you want to be a doctor you have to get straight A's for SPM!". Fullstop.

That's it. THAT WAS IT.

Watching and reading Kimi Ni Todoke make me realised how much I wasted my teens not planning my life career. How I've been missing on my interests and passions.

Why I said so?

Because after SPM, I didn't know what I wanted to pursue. I've always have this vision of owning a book-cafe, but majoring in Business Admin was not an option (I'm sure my father be against it due to tight job market). I like sciences but I couldn't continue in Matriculation Science stream because the one I got offered was like at the end of the world and my mom wouldn't want it. 

I didn't filled in my UPU with science major because my mom predicted I wouldn't be able to make it, because I had hard time with addmaths (but I do like maths and got B for addmaths). 

And in the end, I guess I was lost and I didn't study well about options available I ended in Islamic courses for my undergrad studies. It's not bad, really, but my weakest point, even weaker than addmaths is Arabic language, so I had to struggle a lot, I even broke down and dysfunction few times.

My point here is, I feel so regretful I didn't find out what I like, what I wanted to do before I finished my SPM. Now, after few years, I know I like maths (always), I like history, arts, business. These are the things that I have passion on and I found it a bit later than I should.

Feeling this way, I think non of my juniors should feel lost after SPM, or feeling discouraged in college, just because it's not what they wanted to do. Students deserve better.

If they say they wanted to be a teacher, then explain to them that they need to go to UPSI for best options, need get straight A's to be accepted. Doctor? A+ for sciences subjects, and if they want to pursue it overseas, see which scholarship suits them, so they know how to strive.

Highschool/Secondary school students need to be guided on how they are going to achieve their ambitions, so they know what they wanted to do. Don't let them study hard for the sake of brilliant SPM results, only to get lost after. Make them study so they can get what they want, so they can do what they wanted to do.

Don't be like me.