Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Salam guys!

I'm taking a break from midnight tasks, so right now I'm gonna tell you guys what I'm currently hooked on and my crushes!

Oh. My. God.

I just got 3 new crushes!

Ok ok.

It all started back in last semester, when almost everytime I entered Maryam's cube/box/compartment, she'd be watching some animes or,,, animes. In her hard disk she got like dozens (or hundreds) of anime series or movies!

Sometimes I'd watch from her behind, because I was that leisure tho I had lots of works. huhu. Then I remembered that some of my friends commented/posted something on Facebook regarding this one anime, Haikyu!. So I asked Maryam if she have them, and she does!

Therefore, there you go, how I started my first crush. (HAHA YOU THOT WHO HUMAN?!) The thing is, once I start something, liking something, fell into some dark twinkles well, I won't be able to crawl out anymore.

Kageyama is cool okay! And through Haikyu! too I've gotten in love with volleyball. You open my youtube app, there'd be some volleyball videos of some super liberos or setters. I even know Arisa Sato now... *sigh

Then, my second crush! I doubt many of you heard of this anime, it's a bit old, horror, and the ending is hung. ugh.

GHOST HUNT! Come on if you haven't watch Ghost Hunt you gotta watchi it now!

It has only 1 season, around 25 episodes I think? Really love the settings, how different characters fit with each other, the humors, and the egoistic main character ( I wouldn't say hero) : NARU!

Gaaahhh he's so handsome and charming and genius and goodness! But his mountain high ego is annoying though. (But that's what makes him even more charming) -SEE ME GETTING HOOKED!

Lastly! I've seen this anime and the life action long before, but I felt like watching it again.

This is the anime that has left the most impact on me. It got me thinking deep on my life decisions, whether I'm living it right, things that I should've done in secondary school (high school anime yup!), and my future. Seriously, just how much this anime affected me, I got my mind on it for a whole two weeks doubting myself (the side effect of this anime), and Ireadtheongoingmangatilltheendforoneday.

I know! I know! I wasted my midterm break on this anime!

Kimi Ni Todoke!

Seeing how deep this anime/manga gotten into me, I'm gonna dedicate a new post just for this anime, and how it affect me.

Third crush: KAZEHAYA-KUN!!!

Oh super love.

P/s: I  even watched Special A (and regretted a bit) , not my kind of anime
P/p/s: Sherr said to me: Embrace your inner otaku ( I was never the kind that watches anime)

Gnight and have a good day pals!

Meet my crushes (and they crush my heart!)

guess who is who!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Laundry hygiene

Salam 'alayk guys!

Before I enter tertiary education, I have never ever seperated from my family, my comfort for more than a week. I've never been to school hostels, camps, and so on where I have to be totally independent of my days and myself.

So, getting into UIA is my first experience, and there's a lot of things I need to learn, including doing laundry.

But honestly, I'm not that kind of brat who don't know how to use washing machine, or doing washing clothes by hand, what's softener, and so on. Sometimes at home I washed my clothes by hand too, mostly to cleanse spilled drinks/food on clothes, or just to whiten my school socks (washing machine doesn't work on my socks).

Plus, I've been taught by my mom that fresh clothes from laundry need to be taken care of carefully. Like, in the process of transferring clothes from washing machine to laundry basket, you can't let them touch anything else, because 1) they're clean 2) they're wet clean. So it's easy for the 'clean' to be contaminated.

So now, in college, I don't get it, how on Earth the sisters here don't know the art of doing laundry!

Just now I was using the laundry room, and as usual I would make a timer on my phone so no one would touch my clothes when their turn has come to use the machine (because you never know how they handle your clothes from the machine to your laundry basket). And I was late just for 1 or 2 MINUTES!

I stormed down the stairs, barged into the laundry room, only to look at a SISTER trying to put my FRESH-OUT-OF-MACHINE CLOTHES into my laundry basket while they're still TANGLED TO EACH OTHER and my basket fell and my clothes TOUCHED THE FLOOR!


I don't know if she really doesn't care about fresh laundry or she's just being selfish because it's not her clothes.

She saw me and asked, "is it yours?", and I just said yeah, not once looking at her, continue handling my clothes from hand, and she did not deserve my smile or gratitude whatsoever.


Now I have to wash the contaminated clothes again.

So now since I'm agitated about what had happened, and in an attempt to avoid that happening again, I'm gonna list what to do when the clothes owner haven't come to retrieve them from the washing machine because you need to use it.

1) Look for the laundry basket. Then take a look at the size of the basket and volume of the clothes, is it balance or not?

2) If the laundry basket is more than enough for the clothes, then it's ok.

3) If the clothes doesn't look like it's gonna fit into the basket, you gotta see if the owner put any laundry bag into the washing machines, because that will gonna be the last one into the basket.

4) Start transferring the clothes. But remember to untangle them, and crumple them so they won't fall away or touches  the floor.

5) Prioritize the undies or small clothes, so they won't fall out of the basket since they're at the bottom.


7) Lastly, make sure the washing machine is empty before you start throwing in your dirty clothes.

Hope you guys don't experience this thing like I did, and also hoping the sisters in UIA know the essence of being hygienic!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Reminders and Reflections

Salam alayk guys.

I'm writing this in the middle of the night, and I've have this thought for quite a long time now, and I need to get it out.

First of all, maybe some of you guys have know this, that I'm majoring in Usuluddin and Comparative Religion. Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage.

So the things I learn at college is all about Islam. I take classes on basic Science of Quran, Science of Hadiths, Islamic Jurisdiction, Arabic and so on. But I mostly focus on the philosophy of Islam, Muslim scholars, and most importantly I learn about other religions.

Since I took all those classes, people around me have the expectation that I'd be more knowledgeable than them about Islam. They expect me to be the perfect example. Some called me ustazah, although I dislike the callings but I'd just ameen them.

To be honest, I don't feel comfortable with that. With people that sees me as a person who knows hukm, fluent in Arabic, reads Quran perfectly, displays good characters like how wives of Prophet pbuh did.

Because that is not me. I know that I should know all about that, that their expectations are considered as 'normal' for an IRK student like me. But that's not me. I don't grow up in very Islamic surrounding. Non in my family went to religious school. Non of us have this religious activity where we recites Quran together. We don't have stocks of Islamic books for references.

I grew up as how other kids did. My parents were teachers, they taught me what is basic for Muslim to know. I never went to afternoon religious school when I'm sitting for UPSR.

It's just that my sisters took Arabic for PMR, so I did too. Just that the decision I made that makes me different from my sisters was to wear a longer hijab at school, which I received from my bestfriend. But even then my mom was against me.

Only that my friend was persuasive to see me in that hijab I tried to be strong to wear it. A huge step indeed. But not everyone was supportive. Only my closest friend support me. The others called me hypocrite and such due to my abrupt changes. Thanks to my friend, I've succeeded going through it.

After PMR, I only see it to be the right thing to stay in Arabic classes. Such a waste to leave it, even though it was not my strongest subject. My friends were with me.

For university entrance, I have to admit, this course is definitely not what I really wanted now. I wanted to pursue in science course, but I couldn't, and didn't. I got offered for science matriculation, but it was too far from home, so when I got offer for this course I have to take this one. The mistake I did was I didn't apply for changing course when I was in foundation.

But honestly, sometimes I think it's a blessing I'm studying this course. The reason is that I'd get constant reminder to not stray afar, to be good, then I'm surrounded by good friends. Non of my coursefriends are giving bad influence to me. If this course has done any good to me, is to keep me safe from all the bad things in this world. It is hard to stay on the straight path once you're out of your parents' sights.

Nevertheless, since I'm in my best interest for this course, I have to struggle a lot. For another matter, I'm not the best among my friends, among my batch. Sometimes I feel like I'm studying for the sake of exam, not for the knowledge. I feel so bad. Plus when outsiders ask me Islam related questions, I have to confirm with myself, "do I really know the answer?'.

I hate with such expectations. BECAUSE I'M NOT THAT PERSON!

I admit that I want to strive to be the best Muslim. I want to read more, perform more in terms of ibadah, but the things is I'm just a normal human being with a normal brought up.

Things that I like sometimes aren't align with what people see towards IRK students. I like fashion, I like makeup, I listen to songs, sometimes I dance. I also watch movies, I even go to the cinema. I wish I could do shopping, and I like pretty things. All these girly things. It's in me.

Goodness even if I transform myself to be a super-ustazah like I'm sure those around me will have hard time with me.

Now all that above is the first thing. To tell you who I am. Next I'll tell how Allah loves me.

As a muslims who learns all about Islam and how to spread it, of course it gives a lot of advantage for me, on the spiritual side. Not spiritual side as in I'm religious in my sunah prayers, and all sort of things. But, you know, somehow you're kept safe by Allah, like those huffaz. Something like that.

So, what I want to tell is I'm not a perfect Muslim. Far from it. Not even near those makciks who went tilawah classes. Or men that pray congregationally for all 5 prayers everyday. Or even muslims that are going through changes.

In fact, I feel like I'm a bad Muslim. I don't think I deserve Jannah, but I do want to be in it, desperately. I realize the sins I made, and how grave it is since I know the hukm of it.

Sometimes, I go with my heart eventhough I know it's not the best thing to do.

But you see, when I meet people, who don't have the golden opportunity to study Islam like me, mentioned to me what's considered normal to them their good deeds, I feel stabbed. Crushed. Like, these people, who never went to religious schools, or very religious background, have made efforts to show their love towards Islam more than me.

Like one time, we were talking about group tilawah, 1 day 1 page, and then this one person mentioned that he actually feel burdened on how the members rushed to finish reciting Quran, that if he filled his limited free time to recite his dedicated part rushingly, how is he going to do some tadabbur or read the tafsir?

That, really kills me. That person actually make effort to understand Quran, but I did almost nothing.

That is just one example of how I think I'm being reminded by Allah to do more.

Goodness I feel like really bad seeing I am today. Have I astray? I don't know.

I pray that Allah will keep me in Islam, and guide me to a better life. and I need to practice repentance prayer (solat taubat).

May Allah guide us to His blessings, ameen.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

First Handbag Approved!

Salam 'alayk guys!

Remember in one of my previous post I mentioned on going out with my friends and had some shopping and I bought a handbag that day???

So now it's almost a month of that purchase and I'm super excited to give insights of what this bag has brings me!

Ok first of all, on that lucky day I did not plan on buying a handbag, what more a branded one at that. But the bag came upon me (HAHAHA)

We were just strolling around Parkson at KL Fest just looking at shoes and handbags. To be honest, there were lots of handbags that caught my eyes, but the thing is my eyes only know golds and diamonds, not iron and glass. So everytime I see something flashy (including the price tag, soooo flashy it blinded my eyes) I'd just went past it with broken heart. *drama

Thennn, my friends and I found this section where they put simple shoulder-bags on display. Like seriously so simple but gorgeous as well. At first we were just looking at it, then we touch it, after that we modeled it. Gosh see how shopping works for ladies, guys?

But not to forget we also looked at the price tags, and voila! It's less than 60 bucks, guys! I mean, actually that's the thing that attract us to the bags, the price they hung at the bags. Goodness what a way to trick ladies.

I got super excited. I mean, I like it, it's cheap, you think it's easy to get those combo???

As excited as I am, I tried to transfer my hype to Mun, had to persuade her to spend her money so I won't be alone. HAHAHA what a good friend I am.

So after all the hassle of choosing designs and colour, Mun and I got ourselves one each. A handbag. Which is of course suitable for us students to bring to class. That's my specification for the bag I chose.

Brand: F.Timber


Presenting to you guys my own first branded handbag and a bag overall that's bought with my own money!!!

My precious bag after I got back from my sister's house

Side pockets for water bottles. Totally convenient.

Two pockets at front, left for my matric card and TnG, right for my tissues
Hidden zip above the front two pockets, I use this to put my ruler, earphone, and book-tags.
Front view. It looks like this because of the heavy content. Huh
Side view. I just love how they designed the pockets at sides for bottles, it's so easy to reach it and keep it, especially while transporting in trains.
Inside after coming back from sis's: purse, umbrella, pencil case, makeup case, laptop, book and file for study (I pack my laptop here because my backpack was already too pack and heavy)
A pocket-zip inside: my easy-to-access makeup. There are another two pockets on the other inner side, but I don't use them because it do not have zip.
Huge pocket-with-zip at the back side. I put my girl's necessities in here


So cool right! This bag has so many pockets of sizes, so it's easy for me to organize my things for travel (or just class). Plus, the things on the inside don't get mess-up after hours of walk, they just stay put without the book of file getting crumples or my smaller things like purse and pencil box goes scatter. It just fits, and works well.

Me super love!

Plusplusplus! When I first showed (or just casually flash this handbag) in front of my sisters, they totally like it and approve it! With colour and design like that, and not to forget the super cheap price, how can they not fall in love too!!!

The most shocking thing is that my MOM likes and adores it too!!!

She just noticed this new bag the moment I got back home and cooed "Oooo new handbag I see," .
I was a bit panic since new bag means I spent too much money, but when I see she wasn't mad, I said that I just bought it from Parkson at RM59.

WOW. and she kept on digging on where and how's the other designs. She was totally smitten with the beg, first because it's simple, and super nice red, and of course the so-many-compartments. 

I swear guys, if you ever plan on buying handbags for your girl, buy the one with lotsa compartments.

Ok continue back on my mom, she commented that how convenient this is, and she even started imagining if she could have this bag, a bit smaller (yes they have it, and pretty too), to bring for umrah and hajj.

A woman can dream, and achieve it!

THEREFORE, seeing how all the ladies in my family approved my choice of handbag, especially when this is my first bought handbag (a branded one at that) with my own money, I just couldn't help feel so proud.


Goodness now I can see how money can bring happiness.

Spend money well guys and make your own happiness!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Feed 2017

Salam 'alayk and heyya guys!

Currently it's past midnight and I've just done with my portion of group assignment.

Today since early morning after subh, I've been busy preparing for my sister's guests, the house, the food, yeah particularly the food. So many things to do, even with pre-prep some food like curry and masak merah. But even then, we barely caught up with time setting things and getting ourselves prepared (my sister especially!)

Later, alhamdulillah we managed to did it all. Nasi tomato and 2 dishes, acar timun, puddings, even some food that the guests were so generous to bring.

Guests do bring rezeki to us.

Aside from all that hussle and clothes reek of stir fry, I ate so much from today's eating session. The ayam masak merah was so good, that the moment I got it tasted on my tongue is the time I realised how much I've missed ayam masak merah. (am so tired of cafes food that i bought the same thing everyday).

Then the desserts! Cakes, brownies, and puddings! Too much sweetness that I got a bit worried seeing how the kids stuffed themselves with sugar. But its okay, (thank God!), everything was under control. XD

Anyway, long story shorten, I've ate so much, my stomach was about to burst and I feel like I could vomit if I jump up and down like the kids (how they can eat so much and still active? wait they didn't, really eat).

So, in order to empty some space in my stomach for dinner later, I rode on exercise bicycle after the guests have gone home. I exercised until it reached 10 km, only then I felt much better with my stomach. Goodness eating too much won't do any good (except for the satisfaction!)

Thennn after dinner cleaning and all, in the night, after we all got bored of Pahang vs NSE on tv9, my BIL gave me permission to take in charge of the screen. Oh well, but I didn't know what to watch.

But then there's this one movie caught my attention. Feed (2017). A bit creepy, and also a bit educating (I think?)

It's about a pair of twins. A girl and a boy. Both are living a good life, doing good at school, high achievers and all. And most importantly they shared almost everything, like schedules, friends, and dreams.

But it all came to stop when something happened, and it has affected so much to the girl, Olivia (Troian Bellisario). From a valedictorian, her grades fluctuated and dropped hard. She had hard time coping daily lives. She started hearing, seeing things.

That's just not it. The situation has worsen that it has transformed her to an aneroxic. This is where I think it's educating. Because the story shows that people have aneroxia not solely due to their desire to be 'beautiful' and 'slim'. It can be because of psychological problem. Something that they experienced, but others can't seem to detect it.

I've always thought that people who are aneroxic are those that are obsessed with being 'slim', and hatred towards fat. But no! Trauma can also cause this disease.

Wait! I'm sure you guys know what's aneroxia right? -it's an eating disorder.

So, since I've learned something new, from other perspective from this story, though it's a bit creepy, I'd give this movie a 4-star.

-it got a good storyline
-creative and soulful!
-opens up minds on aneroxia nervosa

I won't tell more details on this movie. You gotta watch this on your own and experience Olivia's sufferings!

(btw, it's the Malfoy acted as the male twin!)

Eat well guys!

Monday, July 10, 2017

324 Megapixels

Last weekend was a good and bad weekend for me.

Good because I got to spent times with friends whom I rarely seen or talked to and also with my sisters and BIL.

Bad because I've spent over my budget. *sucks being a student*

On Friday late morning my friends and I went for some breaklunch (at least for me) outside campus. It all started when this one friend, Syi, a fan of steamboat, wanted to try Seoul Garden at KL Fest with another friend, Mun.

Syi have been lots to steamboat restaurants before, and I believe she invited me to all of the events, but I happen to declined them all except for last Friday when she asked me to join her on Thursday.

So I said yes, partly because I've never eat out with her but once before during foundation, and partly I rarely eat steamboat. Once in a while won't hurt right?

Plus, I was planning to stay at my sis's house at Putrajaya, so I might as well spend the whole day outside, getting fresh, and clear up mind (and pockets).

Woke up late. Was frantic packing things. And thank God Syi and Mun was patience with me. I thought they were gonna left me that morning.

So at Seoul Garden, we had to pay RM35 each, and that's at stundet's price. We have to show our matric cards of course to give some proves. Oh, and that price is for lunch.

Ok, I know everyone have been to Seoul Garden and know that its pay per entrance and rows of buffet will flash at you. But I didn't. So I was pretty blur at first and what to do, what do I eat, what's this? is that clamps? wait it says COFFEE MEAT??? -could never eat that.

So yeah, we had our time there, pretty much spent 2 total hours just for eating, we ate the tomyum soup, grilled so much things, then ice cream and salads, it just never ends until our stomachs about to explode!

The tomyum is an o.k . The rest is, not good on my taste buds.

After we had our lunch, we spent some time a bit for shopping and handbags (WOOOT WOOOT) before we seperated for campus for them and Putrajaya for me. But we shared Grabcar till LRT Station. hihi.

Am actually glad they asked me out.

Then I went for my sis's, and it was actually late, I promised my sis to be at Putrajaya Sentral at 6pm, but I was late. Again. Then we thought I'd catch up the 1813 train from KL Sentral, but with me lining up at Chatime for her, and ran for ticket when they announced 2mins left for departure, I was flying down the stairs to the train, and THE DOORS CLOSED RIGHT ON MY FACE!

I was late by 3 seconds OMG! I pushed the button for the door to open but it didn't, instead the train pull in it's foot steps. I was so devastated with Pearl Milk Tea in hand but hide it inside in case the commuters were having a good day watching at my evening drama.

So had to wait for another 15mins and successfully gotten the train. With not-so-cold-anymore Pearl Milk Tea.

BUT it's okay! I don't really care about that, as long as my sis is picking me up and I'm gonna have the whole weekend with my family, YEAY!

Another is that I never forget that I am in love with her house. She and the husband bought it not long ago, so it was pretty new, and they managed to design it so well! However the most important thing is, THE VIEW!

Look at how beautiful the sunset! Seeing all this have reminded me on how powerful, and beautiful God is! Look at this God's creation! The sky has the perfect colour mix!

It's calming.

And not to forget these creations.

She was having ANTM's vibe right here, but totally failed. And I was just ruining the pic XD

Look alike, or nothing's alike?

However the pictures were taken with my Samsung J5, the camera is totally not the best. The pictures turn out different from what I see.

And do you know why? We, humans have 324 Megapixels, in comparison to my 16 megapixels camera at most.

Alhamdulillah for His greatest creation.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Post on inspiring figures, entrepreneurs, or business empires.

Anywhere in Malaysia we can see trolley carts on the road side selling burgers with RAMLY pasted in front of it, or the label being used as the burger’s wrapper. The yellow coloured cart is definitely loved by all Malaysians, without doubt people would prefer buying burgers from that cart than any other sellers. That’s just how good and powerful Ramly Burger is towards Malaysians.

Everyone knows Ramly. It’s the brand that supplies burger patties, chicken or meat, or in supermarket we would find minced meat. It's the only brand that Malaysians are comfortable with, knowing that the products are halal, and of good quality. Plus, it’s not expensive. Anyone can afford them.

But do we all know the mastermind behind this fantastic brand?

Meet Dato’ Haji Ramly bin Mokni, the founder of Ramly Food Processing Sdn. Bhd. That doesn’t sound familiar? You know it’s important to know the great person that created Malaysian’s beloved burger. It’s okay, I’ll help you out.

Dato’ Haji Ramly has founded the brand in 1984, when he figured that it was difficult to identify halal meats from overseas for Malaysian Muslims. As he was also a part of the Muslim community, he founded an idea to counter the Muslims’ struggles of that time by producing his own beef burgers that people would be confident of its halal’ness’, production, and quality.

Ramly Halal Mart
So, he proceeded his idea through a small start-up business with an equally small loan from the Development Bank in 1982. Dato’ Haji Ramly, being the proactive person he is has worked hard since then to expand his company. The company now known as Ramly Mokni Holdings Berhad has expanded into few subsidiaries; Ramly Food Processing Sdn. Bhd, Ramly Mokni Marketing Sdn. Bhd, Ramly Supermart Sdn. Bhd, and Ramly Mokni Bakery Sdn. Bhd. Till this day, he has succeed in expanding his business to a commercial level.

Ramly's product range

From time to time, his company has also been granted recognition and awards by the Development Bank. They are The Best Project Award (1982), The Client Development Award (1984), Jaya Entrepreneur Award (1992).

However, success is not that easy to be achieved. Dato’ Haji Ramly was once rejected for his loan application by the bank before starting up. Not only that, he was also rejected by MARA (Majlis Amanah Rakyat) for the same application just because they thought Malaysian doesn’t love burgers. Nevertheless, he was high-spirited and continued his plan by using his own savings for the business start-up. 

That was a huge risk to take.

Then, with capital of RM 2000, Dato’ Haji Ramly produced his own beef burger manually at a flat in Kuala Lumpur. However, it did not work well at first because Malays were not into burger that time. To overcome the problem, he took another risk by expanding his business with more stall burgers around Chow Kit area. As the result, people were getting more interested in his burgers!

But of course one of the norms in business is some grapevine surrounding business being spread out! And Ramly Burger was about it being not halal and the business being sold to another party. Even so, it is proven wrong as the company has been going stronger through time until this day! The products are also confirmed halal by the JAKIM authority, so no worries.

Now after more than 20 years, Ramly Mokni Holdings has become sturdy than ever in the meat processing industry. It’s burger stall can produce up to 300 pieces burgers per day, and the factory produces 30 tons of meat a day!

Hence the annual sales recorded was up to RM 42 million! What a wow!


There is a lot more to talk about the inspiring journey of Dato’ Haji Ramly. What he has gone through in building his own empire and especially noting on how he started in small scale has given us a lot of values like patience and determination.

These two values surely are important for entrepreneurs.