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Anywhere in Malaysia we can see trolley carts on the road side selling burgers with RAMLY pasted in front of it, or the label being used as the burger’s wrapper. The yellow coloured cart is definitely loved by all Malaysians, without doubt people would prefer buying burgers from that cart than any other sellers. That’s just how good and powerful Ramly Burger is towards Malaysians.

Everyone knows Ramly. It’s the brand that supplies burger patties, chicken or meat, or in supermarket we would find minced meat. It's the only brand that Malaysians are comfortable with, knowing that the products are halal, and of good quality. Plus, it’s not expensive. Anyone can afford them.

But do we all know the mastermind behind this fantastic brand?

Meet Dato’ Haji Ramly bin Mokni, the founder of Ramly Food Processing Sdn. Bhd. That doesn’t sound familiar? You know it’s important to know the great person that created Malaysian’s beloved burger. It’s okay, I’ll help you out.

Dato’ Haji Ramly has founded the brand in 1984, when he figured that it was difficult to identify halal meats from overseas for Malaysian Muslims. As he was also a part of the Muslim community, he founded an idea to counter the Muslims’ struggles of that time by producing his own beef burgers that people would be confident of its halal’ness’, production, and quality.

Ramly Halal Mart
So, he proceeded his idea through a small start-up business with an equally small loan from the Development Bank in 1982. Dato’ Haji Ramly, being the proactive person he is has worked hard since then to expand his company. The company now known as Ramly Mokni Holdings Berhad has expanded into few subsidiaries; Ramly Food Processing Sdn. Bhd, Ramly Mokni Marketing Sdn. Bhd, Ramly Supermart Sdn. Bhd, and Ramly Mokni Bakery Sdn. Bhd. Till this day, he has succeed in expanding his business to a commercial level.

Ramly's product range

From time to time, his company has also been granted recognition and awards by the Development Bank. They are The Best Project Award (1982), The Client Development Award (1984), Jaya Entrepreneur Award (1992).

However, success is not that easy to be achieved. Dato’ Haji Ramly was once rejected for his loan application by the bank before starting up. Not only that, he was also rejected by MARA (Majlis Amanah Rakyat) for the same application just because they thought Malaysian doesn’t love burgers. Nevertheless, he was high-spirited and continued his plan by using his own savings for the business start-up. 

That was a huge risk to take.

Then, with capital of RM 2000, Dato’ Haji Ramly produced his own beef burger manually at a flat in Kuala Lumpur. However, it did not work well at first because Malays were not into burger that time. To overcome the problem, he took another risk by expanding his business with more stall burgers around Chow Kit area. As the result, people were getting more interested in his burgers!

But of course one of the norms in business is some grapevine surrounding business being spread out! And Ramly Burger was about it being not halal and the business being sold to another party. Even so, it is proven wrong as the company has been going stronger through time until this day! The products are also confirmed halal by the JAKIM authority, so no worries.

Now after more than 20 years, Ramly Mokni Holdings has become sturdy than ever in the meat processing industry. It’s burger stall can produce up to 300 pieces burgers per day, and the factory produces 30 tons of meat a day!

Hence the annual sales recorded was up to RM 42 million! What a wow!


There is a lot more to talk about the inspiring journey of Dato’ Haji Ramly. What he has gone through in building his own empire and especially noting on how he started in small scale has given us a lot of values like patience and determination.

These two values surely are important for entrepreneurs.


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