Friday, June 16, 2017

Fingers on Fiiyyaahh!!!

Not literally but that was hot it feels like!

My nerves on my fingers had picked up the fire sensation under my skin!

Just because I went to cut 10 chillis!!!

My mom wanted to make spaghetti soto (mee soto but with spaghetti instead) for berbuka, so she told me to make sambal kicap to add flavour to the dish. And she specifically mentioned to sliced 10 chillis because apparently everyone loves spicy but me.

So there I was, cut out every chilli, to get rid of the seeds (the seeds is bad ok), and sliced them, with my bare hands.

poor-poor me. And I am known for my low toleration for spicy food, but I never thought my fingers would be just the same as my taste buds. Or worse.

Ten minutes after I was done with sambal kicap, the hotness started to creep under my skin. Soon it became so hot that I felt like I just burnt my fingers! Seriously!

The burning sensation felt like I've just poured hot water on my hands and it goes scalded, but the physical appearance of it was pretty normal except for slight pinking colour. BUT I FELT LIKE MY SKIN WAS GONNA TEAR OFF T.T

So like my simple logic that cold thing would put off the heat, I took an ice cube and hold it on my left hand's fingers. Four of them were affected. Luckily my right hand was okay since I was holding the knife with it. After a while, I put down the ice and wash my hand, then it started to burn again.

I did so many things to soothe the pain. It was excruciating I was at the edge of crying. It hurt! I asked my mom what to do, she told me to wash my hands and scrub them with the dish's sponge so that the chilli's essence would go off. I tried twice and it just won't go away.

I knew why it doesn't work, and I knew why it hurt so bad. My skin isn't a perfect skin. I have eczema, and it caused the fingerprint on my fingers to wear off, all my fingers are fingerprint-less (I can't do thumbprints), and I'm sure there is some nano scratch that I can't see but it will hurts if I touch something acidic. Therefore, the chilli's essence somehow maybe has gotten under my skin, at least a bit because my first protection which is my fingerprints aren't there anymore. AND THAT WAS WHY IT WAS BURNING T.T

I was about to cry, I was fed up, but then I remembered to google this thing. This burning finger. Ish.

Some said to sink my hand in warm water + salt for 5 minutes, so I tried that. My affected fingers can barely touch warm water, not to mention to soak in it! Long story short, it felt good after that but only for a while. The pain came back.

Then I remembered my aloe vera gel. You know aloe vera is soothing and my hand were burning, 2+2=4. But still it didn't work.

Another tips was to put my hand on stove's heat (basically like salai), but yeah I'm gonna pass that. Not gonna burn my fingers any further.

I felt hopeless. And it was still hurting. 15 minutes to maghrib. I had to end this torture soon. Since I was already out of hope, I just soaked my hand in a bit cool water (added an ice) for few minutes. And just let my soul continue to engulf the fire.


I just let the time to pass by. And it becoming okay. By the time it was maghrib, I was able to touch things (it was so painful before I couldn't touch things).

Well I have to admit those things I did did work in some ways but in small degrees for me. At least it helped me to soothe the burning sensation for few minutes and let me survive. I was about to ask my brother to go to pharmacy to get some ointment, but I dont think I can anyway it was about to berbuka.

Anyway, a lesson today, don't play near fire.
This story somehow has shown how a bad cook I am. (well, I am.)

*By the time I'm writing this, my fingers are 90% okay because the 10% are the leftover pain

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