Saturday, June 10, 2017

Novel : THE HOST

Remember Stephanie Meyer? Sounds familiar?

Yep she's the author of the Twilight Saga.

To be honest I'm not really a fan of her works, and the only work I know is the Twilight, but I've never read them anyway. Just watched the movies. So the reason I don't fancy her is the romance portrayed from the movies is a bit cringing, and currently I'm in for thriller genre.

I know I know that's so stupid of me like everyone knows to not judge a book based on the movie adaptation, because it never really fit the feelings of the book.

But, yeah I made a point that I am not a fan of this novel-author.

So how did I came across The Host, let alone to own it?

I was at Bookxcess at Amcorp Mall, wandering around to snatch some worthy books and let loose my purse. If you guys haven't heard of Bookxcess, you should! Especially if you're a book lover! The books at Bookxcess are extremely cheap, affordable for everyone! I got The Host at RM17.90!!!

(I have no idea why the pic automatically rotate like this) THIS IS HIGH QUALITY HARD-COVER AT RM17.90!

If I were at anywhere else, the book would priced at RM 80 ++ ! Hard cover at that! Plus, Bookxcess is actually the parent for The Big Bad Wolf book fest! No wonder lah! They are so interrelated! (And the books at the store are much interesting than the one's at fest).

Ok back to my story. So I couldn't remember how many hours I spent that day in that bookstore, but I'm sure it's around 3 hours. SO I happened to found this book at Mystery section, seeing that the author is the parent for the Twilight, I kinda looked past through it. But then my hand grab for it after second round. And I read the snippet at the cover leaflet.

The snippet. Click to magnify.

(Again idk why) Commentaries at the back!

I was intrigued! It is far from the Twilight story line, it did have some romance but it's more to thriller and suspense but not heart-attack inducing! Me likey!

That's how I decided to own it. I mean I had to. RM17.90 isn't that much aite?

So The Host is about alien invasions. And this alien they called it as the souls. It's not like humans, to have intelligible way of life, but somehow the souls are more intelligent, and wise than humans. They can live up to thousand years, but with conditions they have to have host to live in. (That's where the title came from)

Depends on planets, the souls would live inside the planet's main inhabitant, for example; Earth = humans. The souls found the Earth, and make their steps to 'conquer' it (because the souls are so nice, they love peace, and they love each other. Imagine going to the market not having to pay!). Soon after, they've succeed in residing in every human beings they could see.

Except a for a certain group of humans. These humans are genius enough to save themselves and hide in long cave hidden somewhere unknown.

This novel is focusing more on the insights and thoughts of one soul, Wanderer. Wanderer just got into a human girl, aged around 18-19 perhaps. So she was new to the human world, though she have had experienced 7 previous planets. She is a super senior soul.

But on Earth, she have problems. Supposed the soul get to control the host; human, and would never listen to them, the humans' souls. But Wanderer had heard her host's voices. Sometimes the host even took control of the human body! That gotta frustrate Wanderer so much!

Further on, the girl's soul keep on playing memories of a guy. Wanderer was affected. She was curious. And she has started to fallen in love too. To a human. And soon she started to behave like a human.

Wanderer then befriended the girl's soul, and then decided to search for the guy, and the girl's family using only clues from the girl's memories. Alongside that, she tried to get away from her I-supposed-soul's-police-or-guardian that was too annoying and irritating.

So basically this story was about the soul's journey in finding a group of humans loved by the girl. Particularly the guy. And also about her struggle in falling for the same guy the girl loved.

Imagine an alien falling for a human??? She had to suffer for it!

Either way, this book is great! I'd give 4 stars out of 5! 

The thrilling and suspense you get from it are so satisfying. You just can't stop reading and had to read some more, if possible till the end! (but that's impossible). EVEN SO, you wouldn't get irritated on how thrilling it is, because some thrilling books are just there to pinch our patience. AND THIS JUST NOT!

MMmm what a book to be put together with the others on bookshelf!

619 pages. GOOD LUCK!

IF you are a book-lover, you gotta have your hand on this! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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